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Element Amounts Required

Amounts are PER ITEM/DESIGN:

**Note: these are all minimum. PLEASE do not send less than requirement or we risk not having enough of the element to work with and will require you to send more before order can be filled.

**If we need more for the chosen design, it will be noted in the listing.

Breast milk- 1Tbsp. or 1/2 Ounce (for up to 3 pieces)

Formula- 1 Tbsp.

Umbilical cord- 1 capsule (do not send in any other form unless approved BEFORE purchase)

Dried Flower- Enough to make 1 Tbsp. (The size of 3 rose petals)

Cremains(ashes)- 1 tsp. (please do not send more than needed!)[Any ashes not used will be sent back with your order]

Sand/Dirt- 1 Tbsp.

Hair/Fur- About 2in to 3in curl (keep in mind the thickness will determine how well you can see it in the design)

Silk flower/fabric - 2x2 square

[It is very important to send the appropriate amount needed for your order! We do our best to return any unused elements. Unfortunately, we are not able to store or send the remaining amounts of some elements (such as milk, umbilical cord, etc.) back to you due to our preservation and prep process]