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Care Instructions

These keepsakes are custom made and will uphold their beauty so long as they are properly cared for.

You should avoid exposing your jewelry or keepsakes to water, excessive heat, direct sunlight and chemicals such as perfumes and lotions.  You should remove your element jewelry before showering, washing hands/dishes, swimming, etc.  Remove before bed.  These keepsakes should not be worn in wet or humid environments/activities.

Many of our designs are dainty and should be worn with care.  Pulling and tugging could result in loosening or breaking your pieces.

Store in a cool dry place (such as the box they will arrive in).  Some of our designs are set into a metal setting.  Metal can tarnish. Polishing/cleaning should be done with a soft CLEAN, DRY cloth. Such as a jewelry or eyeglasses cloth.

We do not take responsibility for tarnish, scratching, or damage of any kind!  These can be prevented by following the above care instruction!  You are responsible for taking care of your items purchased.